The Ultimate Challenge

What Is It?

This is the generation that seeks the ultimate. We learn regularly of adventurers accomplishing things long thought impossible. Weekly, we can witness amazing feats of skill featured on Simon Cowell’s AGT: Extreme. The combination of creativity and daring has birthed a generation that makes the “extreme” common. Is there a mountain too steep to climb without ropes, an ocean too wide to cross by rowing, a world too large to circumference by bicycle, foot or otherwise? It appears not.  

Yet, there is an adventure that surpasses all these, a challenge for only the most daring. There is a journey that is so all-consuming, that once one embarks on it, he or she can never return to the mundane or the mediocre. This is a challenge not for the complacent or weak-hearted, but only for sincere seekers of Truth.   

This volume invites you to pursue the Ultimate. In the labyrinth of philosophical and religious thought, both in human history, and in the world today, is there a path to find the essence of Reality? Is there a greater adventure one can undertake than seeking the Ultimate, or one that offers greater rewards? There is not.

Take the “Ultimate Challenge”

Is the author of this series a reliable traveling companion for such an important undertaking? Since age 17, the author has devoted his life to this pursuit, and for nearly 50 years has been active in study, application and instruction, both in his home country (USA) and oversees. He has an earned Doctor of Philosophy degree in Theology, and has served in a cross-cultural setting for nearly three decades.  

The author is a bit of an adventurer himself, having completed with his wife Nancy a cross-country (USA) biking-camping excursion (see

Dr. Thomas Wespetal


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At the same time, the author’s intention is not to dictate, but to guide. In such an undertaking, personal experience and professional credentials must give way to clear thinking and examination of evidence. Hence, the voluminous nature of this project.

The author sincerely hopes that the reader will find the foregoing study engaging and personally enriching. Even if the reader does not finish the journey, he or she will find the time spent on the way well worth the investment.

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